Private Consultant / Private Practice

In contrast to a Kassenarzt a Wahlarzt does not have a contract with the health insurance company. The decisive advantage of the Wahlarzt is "time": the doctor has sufficient time for a detailed doctor-patient discussion, for the examinations and the discussion of the findings. Patients benefit from flexible office hours and appointments at short notice. There are virtually no waiting times in the office.

However, the wahlarzt cannot bill the health insurance companies directly. This means that you will be issued a fee note for the respective service rendered, which can be submitted by you as the patient to your responsible health insurance company. For this purpose, you will receive a pre-filled reimbursement form in my office. The health insurance company will then reimburse 80% of the amount that a doctor with a health insurance contract would receive for the same treatment.

You will receive the medications I prescribe just as you would at the regular insurance rate at your pharmacy.


If you have any questions regarding billing, rates and reimbursement, my team and I are always available to help!